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Providing learning and performance improvement services for corporate, government and third-sector organisations globally.


Focused on all aspects of learning, performance and organisational productivity,
and particularly on the use of the 70:20:10 model.

Speaking & MasterClasses

Delivering keynote presentations at conferences, summits and other events around the world. Developing and running masterclasses and workshops for client organisationd.


Books, book chapters, white papers and articles on learning, performance strategies and related topics.

‘enabling organisations to change the way they learn and work, improve business impact and increase individual, team and organisational performance and productivity'

Research tells us that the vast majority (usually somewhere between 70-90%) of what people need to know and do, they learn in the workplace rather than in formal learning environments. With this in mind, if the HR, Training and Learning & Development departments in organisations are to be effective and provide real value, they need to build new strategies and approaches to exploit this fact.

'when working is learning, then learning is working'

Duntroon works with organisations to help them build and enhance effective interfaces between learning and work.

Charles Jennings is a leader in helping organisations develop and deploy solutions based on the 70:20:10 framework.

The ‘70’ focuses on learning through experiences and practice. Rich and challenging experiences provide some of the greatest learning opportunities for anyone.
The ‘20’ focuses on learning through, and with, others. The explosion of social media and social networks has helped focus on this aspect of learning, although humans have learned through conversations, coaching and networks for eons.
The ‘10’ focuses on structured learning practices including, courses, classes, eLearning and development programmes. These provide opportunities to grasp the basics that can be further exploited through ‘70’ and ‘20’ practices.

Adults learn naturally as part of the daily workflow. We learn through working and sharing with colleagues and experts. We learn through structured development activities.

The 70:20:10 approach provides a reference model or framework to help organisations take advantage of the learning that naturally occurs beyond the classroom and course-based eLearning to build more resilient workforces and create cultures of continuous learning.