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June 24, 2013

Over the past few years the 70:20:10 model for development has captured the imagination of organisations across the world. Some organisations apply 70:20:10 principles to targeted and specific development solutions. Others use it more strategically as a way to help them rethink and reposition their wider learning philosophies. The 70:20:10 framework is a simple concept

April 1, 2013

Donald Taylor recently published an article titled ‘What does ‘LMS’ mean today?’. In it Donald posited something I’ve been advocating for years. It is this. Learning can only be managed by the individual in whose head the learning is occurring. Of course external factors – such as other people (especially your manager and your team),

February 14, 2013

A decade ago the Corporate Executive Board published a report detailing the findings of a study into the role managers can play in employee development. By almost any standards the sample in this study was large – 8,500 cases drawn from 14 organisations across six industries in nine countries. One clear finding presented was that:

January 7, 2013
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The Principals of the Internet Time Alliance decided to take a collective look ahead to the new year, and share our predictions. You’ll see overlap but also unique perspectives: Charles JenningsAn increasing number of organisations, independent of size, nature or location, will acknowledge that their traditional training and development models and processes are failing to live up

January 3, 2013

Determinism is the philosophical idea that every event, including every human decision and action, is the inevitable result of preceding actions and that, given certain conditions, there is only one outcome. Nothing else can happen. Deterministic views of the world assume everything is a jigsaw puzzle rather then a chess game and that for every

December 27, 2012
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This  post is adapted from a commentary written for the Spark Interactive / ClerkWell 2012 Digital Customer Experience Report – an annual industry report that focuses on customer engagement and how businesses are using digital means to build closer relationships and interact with their consumers. You can download the report from the Spark Interactive website.

August 15, 2012

Until relatively recently I’d bought into the argument that organising regulatory and compliance training is one of the important and necessary tasks for an L&D department. Virtually every organisation has regulatory and compliance requirements it needs to meet. In highly regulated industries even more so. So it seemed sensible then that part of the obligation

July 5, 2012

Yesterday, scientists at Europe’s CERN research centre announced that they have found a new subatomic particle that behaves like the much sought-after Higgs boson, the ‘god particle’ (or ‘goddamn particle’). The discovery of this elusive,  ethereal particle represents a major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe. So what does this have to do with

June 5, 2012

Remembering Prof. Allan Tough (died 27 April 2012 aged 76 years) – a great man, a pioneer researcher into self-directed learning, a futurist, and author. Allen’s research was fundamental to 70:20:10 thinking. During the past 6 weeks I’ve had the pleasure of working with representatives from more than 60 organisations in a series of master